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I currently have no dolls for sale. Please join my mailing list and follow my facebook page to see work in progress photos and get updates on dolls coming up for sale.

Custom Reborn Dollss:

I take on a small amount of custom work. Prices are detailed below.

All my dolls* come home with the following as a minimum:

2 day time outfits. i.e dresses/dungarees

2 night time outfits i.e sleepsuit/pyjamas

Accessories such as socks, bibs, mitts

2 blankets

Certificates and instructions

All packaged beautifully into  a stunning hand decorated presentation box

Magnetic dummies and hair bows can be provided but please request this before assembly

*only completed dolls are sent with above items

Custom reborn with rooted hair - £1000

Custom reborn with painted hair - £500

Custom painted doll kit (painted hair) - £375

Custom painted doll kit (bald) - £275

Layaway is available on custom dolls. A 30% none refundable deposit is required to hold your spot and enable me to buy the needed supplies. The rest of your payment can be split over
(up to) 9 months. Dolls are completed in the order that final payment is expected. I.e a custom needing only 3 months to pay will have their doll started before a customer needing 9 months and I aim to finish dolls to coincide with final payment.

How customs work:
I find it very hard to work with too many restrictions so whilst I will of course stick to your preference of skin tone, hair colour, eye colour etc, I do need some freedom to reborn the doll the way I would chose to so do please look through my portfolio to check you are happy with my style of painting before booking your custom baby.
This way you get the very best doll possible as I work so much better when I can paint freely.

Postage costs:

For completed dolls - UK £25, Europe £45, Worldwide £65

For painted kits - UK£10, Europe £25, Worldwide £40


If you would like to place a custom order please email me through the contact page and we can discuss what you would like and how I can help you x